About me


Hi there! Welcome to my blog, which will feature articles and tips on mental health, from the Looneychick who tries to escape from the madness that sane people call life.

You can find me walking my noisy Jack Russell, writing gibberish that only makes sense to me or the chosen few, playing the guitar loud and ferociously, turning up the amp and screaming into a microphone until the blood pours from your ears, driving fast, riding on a fast roller coaster to keep the adrenaline at bay, drinking fizzy bubbles, or having a random rant on my blogs or my social media channels.

I suppose you want to know why I started this blog? I decided to start this blog after years of unfortunate experiences like struggling with education, not being able to keep friends, or making friends so easily that I end up losing them, unable to hold down a job since graduating 10 years ago and experiencing extreme highs and lows.

Why did I start this blog?

There is a lot of talk on mental health but in reality, nothing happens and no one will or can help because they don’t know how to deal with such a taboo subject. I’ve been to several GP’s, Counsellors and the Community Mental Health Team but they can’t accurately diagnose me, and they aren’t very supportive.

Yes, the media talk, talk, talk and still they know NOTHING!

For me, personally, its the Bipolar Group who are the most helpful because they understand, most of them if not all have seen the symptoms and don’t judge you.

If I haven’t driven you away yet. Feel free to comment on the blog, share your experiences good and bad, and join in the ranting and raving!