Being single on Valentine’s day due to Mental Health issues

I’m single this Valentine’s day due to an undiagnosed mental health disorder, and it’s been this way for a long time.

One of the main issues I have is paranoia which tells me that love is an illusion it’s not real, it doesn’t last, after all, nothing’s forever right? We live, breathe and die, that’s just life! It happens to us all.

I hate hearts and flowers, and I love writing sarcastic poetry about love and Valentine’s day. There’s a dark side of me which is so deep that no one will ever love me because of what I am and who I’ve become.

Valentine’s day is a capitalist rip off, another way for businesses to gain more revenue from the sales of cards, chocolates, jewellery, and roses etc.

If you really love someone why not treat them all the year round, instead of waiting for one day a year?

If I want a gift, I don’t need a man to buy me one. I can buy myself gifts, just like I do Christmas and on my birthday.

Even people who have partners refuse to be drawn into the whole Valentine’s marketing ploy. According to an article in the Daily Mail, Valentine’s cards for husbands are being sold for 50p more than those available for wives in Sainsbury’s despite their almost identical appearance.

Shopper Julie Marlow spotted the price difference at a supermarket in Cornwall, complaining that she had to pay £2.50 for a card to her other half while he would only have to fork out £2.

I’m not lucky, in fact, I believe I must be cursed to be handed this rollercoaster many people would describe as life! I’m not your typical 35-year-old with the husband, children, house and career.

What will I be doing on Valentine’s day? To me, it’s just another day so that I will be going to the Gym and filming a YouTube vlog. It comes and goes just like any other day; it makes no difference to me.

In the evening I will curl up on the sofa and read a good book or watch some YouTube channels, I’m not one for reading romantic novels or crying into my wine and watching sad romantic films.

Let us know what your Valentine’s day plans are? Are you single? Please comment below or over on our social media channels.

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