New Nike Dri-fit gym gear – Review

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Before Christmas, I purchased some cool new Nike Dri-fit gym gear for my daily trips to the leisure centre.

As the sportswear company has been sending me lots of 20% off sale emails, I finally caved in and decided to treat myself to some new Nike Dri-fit gym wear because I didn’t have enough tops or trousers to wear. The weather has been so wet recently which means that the clothes aren’t getting washed and dried as frequently and I go to the gym six or seven days a week.

A few months before December, I had purchased some Nike Dri-fit trousers in the sale, and I love the fact that they dry quicker than my other gym trousers. Yes, Nike Dri-fit is a bit more expensive than other sports brands. However, if you are like me and would like to stay dry and comfortable in the gym instead of hot, sticky and sweaty, you will pay a bit more for better comfort.

What is Dri-fit Nike Gear?

Nike Dri-FIT technology is a high-performance, microfiber, polyester fabric that moves sweat away from the body and to the fabric surface, where it evaporates. As a result, Dri-FIT keeps athletes dry and comfortable. It’s also quicker to dry in wet weather.

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Nike Power Legend Women’s Training Tights

These leggings keep me nice and warm when walking to and from the gym and when attending my HIIT classes outside in the winter. However, they are a little bit too hot to wear in the gym, and I prefer wearing my lighter training leggings. I thought that my legs would look like tree trunks in fitted leggings; however, this is not the case in these trousers.

Nike Dry Women’s Training Tank

I love this top because it’s light and not too hot or cold to wear to the gym and being a Dri-fit top it drys quick, so I’m not soaked in sweat when working out. I prefer wearing tops without sleeves as I tend to sweat a lot when working out. I got the top in a larger size because I’m not comfortable with my weight, so I like loose fitting tops.

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Nike Classic Padded Botanical Fresh Women’s Medium Support Sports Bra

I needed another sports bra because I only own 4, so I went for a medium support bra which fits well and is comfortable to wear to the gym and my HIIT classes. 

Have you tried out Nike Dri-fit or gym gear? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section or over on our social media channels.

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