It’s Time to talk day

Its Time to talk day

Today is Time to talk day and it’s not too late to open up about your mental health and talk to someone.

Too many people are isolated and alone and keep their thoughts and feelings locked inside. If you are feeling a little lonely why not call up an old friend or family member and start a conversation? Or send them a text message to let them know you are thinking about them, after all it is Time to talk day.

I used to love receiving friendly text messages every now and then; it’s nice to know someone out there is thinking about you.

 It could be that very conversation that gets someone to open up about their mental health or it might encourage you to talk about how you are feeling.

I suffered from negative depressive thoughts and highs from an early age which led me to become angry or overexcited. I thought these feelings would disappear but they didn’t and still haven’t. I never told anyone because mental health was and still is painted in a bad way.

As a child, I would hear things about mental people being nutters and taken away in straitjackets and white coats and mental health charities and news was almost nonexistent in comparison to today. I still hear bad things and people making fun of mental health which is why I’m unsure about revealing my feelings to people.

I have previously confided in people who have left me, lied about me and have got me into trouble. For them to be so cruel leads me to believe that people who laugh and mess people about with mental health don’t understand it or maybe that’s because they are in denial about their own mental health.

If someone with mental health decides to trust you and let you in on their condition, please don’t laugh or ignore them, they are still the same person. Just treat them as you would normally.

You can get involved with Time to talk day by tweeting #TimetoTalk and sharing your messages. If you are alone and you need to speak to someone check out the Looneychick blog helpline page.

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