Its been a busy week full of drama


The gym

Its been a busy week full of drama and it started with me still suffering from a cold.

 I only went back to the gym and the pool on Sunday after taking the week off, and the drama continued as I received a surprise call from the CMHT confirming that they had lost my notes from my assessment from May 2017.

I started my new year’s resolutions with all good intentions until the cold that I thought I had got rid of on Sunday returned. I decided to go back to the gym and for a swim on Sunday. The gym sessions were going quite well until I went into the swimming pool, swam a few lengths then started sneezing. I came out of the pool and thought I would try and steam out the cold in the steamer, but I could barely breathe in there. I went into the Jacuzzi, and I felt cold, so I came out.

After having a shower and walking home, I felt cold and ended up with watery eyes and sneezing the rest of the day.

On Monday, I decided to go to the gym and give the pool a miss. I was a little bit slow but managed to go on the treadmill, bike and rowing machine before I had another sneezing fit.

I made both HIIT sessions this week, and I’ve been in the Gym all five days, but I’m still sneezing a little. I’ve also been doing some research for a vlog, and I’ve been uploading to social media daily from this week because I want to increase my followers and get more involved with Brands and collaborations with other bloggers this year.

I’m getting busy with work and clients are requesting more, I can’t complain though as I never get bored as there is too much to do and everything I earn goes back into paying for tools to make my blogs and vlogs better.

A bolt out of the blue phone call from the CMHT

I’ve just received a phone call out of the blue from the CMHT asking what I would like to get out of their service. This appears to be a strange question as they have notes on me dating back to May 2015. During the phone call, the CMHT admitted losing the notes they had made on me during my last assessment with the team back in May 2017, which was another wasted journey. They have taken several months to get back to me. It’s no wonder there are lots of suicides in Cornwall!

The final probation call

The person called 10 minutes late, but she was friendly. Sadly, in terms of getting educated and on courses they couldn’t really help me because they only help people who don’t have basic skills such as GCSE Maths and English get back into work. Regarding my mental health, they also advised me to keep persevering with the CMHT. I’m relieved it’s over but disappointed they couldn’t offer opportunities for people who are given a criminal record due to their mental health instead of going through a tick-box exercise every time they phone. The phone in probation service is a waste of time and money. At least that Drama is over with! 

The pain clinic

As if I haven’t had enough drama already, I attended my second session at the pain clinic on Wednesday evening for my bulging disc and sciatica pain. The Physician spent most of the time explaining where the pain comes from which isn’t helpful. I said I wanted another scan because the scans he was looking at are from September 2015. He took my knee and ankle reflexes and told me that they wouldn’t offer a scan unless I couldn’t feel my reflexes. He then told me to exercise more, and if I had any problems, I could have an open appointment for six months.

How’s your 2018 going? Have you made any significant changes that you are struggling with? Let us know in the comment section or start a conversation on our social media channels.

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