The Benenox review – Nine days on Benenox and how it effects the mind and body

Benenox recharge

I took this medicine type drink for nine days in a row and concluded that while taking Benenox I was slightly more active and my sleep improved.

My sleep pattern

I’m averaging over 6 hours sleep per night when on Benenox on some occasions which is really good for me considering my sleep pattern goes from anything to one hour per night upwards.

From taking this product, I have learnt that my sleeping improved and on days when I haven’t taken Benenox my sleeping pattern has been lower, which means that I’m not in a deep sleep and I’m actually awake during specific periods in the night.

Distance covered daily

I have been covering a distance of six to eight miles on most days.  I only cover a distance of 2 miles or 1 mile on really sluggish days when I didn’t take the Benenox. I have also been doing gym exercises and swimming which my FitBit doesn’t measure.

Floors covered on a daily basis

On days when I have taken Benenox my FitBit has measured up to 30 floors per day, and on days when I haven’t taken Benenox I have only climbed just under ten floors daily.

I believe that Benenox has helped my immune system because when I feel like I’m getting a cold. It contains all the ingredients such as honey, glycerine and lemon juice which are good for your immune system.

I have been sneezing a bit and feeling a little bit nasally. I have also been going to the steam room almost every day, so I guess that could have something to do with the reason why I haven’t got a cold as well.

Overall score

I’m giving Benenox a score of 4 / 5  because it tastes pretty good and it has made a difference to my health.

When I came off the Benenox I started to feel a little tired, but I’m not sure if it has something to do with my menstrual cycle, as I often feel quite sluggish and tired.

Maybe I should take Benenox on a regular basis? To see how it affects me at different times of the month. I have tried two different flavours, and I have felt better when taking them. I’m not sure whether this is because I have increased my exercise routine and my lifestyle changes have contributed to this. I can recommend this product.

There are periods where I feel more energised and less tired and fatigued. I’ve been feeling pretty creative, the mind feels sharp and I’mn more productive. I will be giving the product another try, and I will be purchasing more Benenox from Amazon for £9.45. So go and check it out if you fancy starting the new year with a health and fitness boost. You can either take the product with hot water or take it by itself. If all that Christmas partying has made you feel a little run down, I recommend purchasing a bottle of Benenox.

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