Not a great start to 2018!

Happy New Year! This hasn’t been a great start to the New Year as I’m full of this cold/flu thing that’s currently going around, mum has a chest infection and my uncle might have bladder cancer. 

I came home on Saturday evening and I couldn’t find my iPhone. Yes, it may have only been the iPhone 5s that I have owned for almost two years and we are now generations on from this phone after the recent release of the iPhone X. However, I can’t afford to pay £900 for a phone, I can’t even afford to pay £400 for a phone. So my Dad ordered me an iPhone SE for my birthday. 

I went to collect the phone yesterday from the shop, only to find it hasn’t yet come in. I went back to the gym on Sunday morning and felt very sluggish when I tried to do a workout. I went on the treadmill and ended up walking some of the time and when I tried to lift weights, I could barely lift them. I went to the pool hoping for a better workout. I swam for a bit, went into the steam room to try and clear my sinuses then drove home and walked up to meet mum from work. Sunday evening I felt extremely tired and thought nothing of it. I never went out or even had a drop of alcohol for the first New Year’s Eve in years. The only alcohol I have New Years Day was a bottle of ginger beer to help soothe my throat. 

On a plus note, I managed to film a few clips for the Looneychick Vlogs YouTube channel and I’m editing it in Movie Maker as I type. I can’t upload to YouTube because the video is over 15 minutes and even if I split the videos I will end up with over 15 minutes for all three parts. I need a phone so YouTube can send a text message to allow me to upload videos over 15 minutes!

I got up yesterday morning, had breakfast and then felt sick, so I decided to give HIIT a miss. I went down to the doctors with mum, who has been signed off work with a chest infection for the rest of this week and I got my refund back on some slippers I ordered in the sale on Christmas Eve because mum bought me a pair of slippers for Christmas. Yesterday evening was raining so we decided to watch a Christmas episode of Birds of a Feather until mums phone kept going off. I ended up having another late night and woke early this morning with all good intentions of hitting the gym. 

Unfortunately, my sinuses are not great and I can hardly breathe, so I put the Head Calm stick across my eyes and shut them.I’m hoping tonight I can finally have an early night and I will hopefully be back at the gym tomorrow morning.

Has anyone else had a bad start to the new year? 

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