I’m failing Vlogmas


I've failed Vlogmas Its been a while since my last post and my plan was to concentrate on Vlogmas and blog daily on my other website.

I guess that many of you are wondering where I have gone? as I haven’t uploaded for a while? The answer to the question is I have had some technical difficulties with iMovie, which isn’t updating, so I’m getting used to different software as well as uploading daily to my other blog Digital Classic. 

Unlike last year, when I blogged almost daily on both websites, I’ve not had enough time this year. My mum isn’t as able as she used to be and she needs my help more and I ‘ve spent 5 days at my sister’s last week. I’ve even been struggling with my gym routine. 

The days are going so fast and we are already on the 15th December and I have to go back up to my sister’s again on Sunday afternoon because we have booked a surprise for the children on Monday evening.

I’ve been getting up, doing some work for clients and then heading to the gym. I spend just over an hour in the gym, come home and catch up with emails and try writing some blog posts.

Mum comes home earlier now, so we have lunch at 12.30pm and then just after 1pm we head out for a swim. We come home around 2.30pm and then I continue to do bits and pieces and before you know it the time is 11pm or 12pm.

Another reason why I haven’t filmed anything for Vlogmas is that I don’t really have anything good to film yet. Vlogging is something I have wanted to do for a whole year but I didn’t have the courage to upload videos, partly because of my weight gain.  I have lost a little bit of weight, but I still don’t feel great about how I look. 

My iPhone’s memory is low so I decided to invest in a new camera, especially for Vlogging. After lots of research and procrastinating, I decided to purchase a Canon SX730 from Jessops for £299 with a £30 cashback offer from Canon. I’m pretty happy with the quality of both video and photos and it has a flip screen so I can see myself Vlogging. I decided to go with the Canon because my Dad has always sworn by Canon. I originally wanted the G7X mark 11 Canon but at £500, I thought was too much for a beginner like myself. 

Let me know which cameras you use for Vlogging or what you would like me to film in the comment section or head over to our social media channels for a chat. 



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