I’m already failing blogmas and vlogmas

I’m already failing blogmas and vlogmas

We are just five days into December, and I’m already failing blogmas and vlogmas, and not even a spending spree can hide my disappointment.

I had big plans for December until the lightning bolt hit; everything started falling apart and going wrong for me. More work came in and came back to me, and I couldn’t keep up with a video, a blog post, gym sessions, swimming and organising Christmas and other personal things.

Many people who I’ve spoken have told me that I must be mad trying to do both blogmas and vlogmas at the same time, maybe I should have started earlier. 

I’ve had a really busy few days, and it’s only the beginning of December. It doesn’t stop there either as I’m off to my sister’s later in the week, which means that I will miss my gym and swim sessions.

Tomorrow starts with some cardio in the gym and in the afternoon I have the pain clinic, so fingers crossed that there might be a solution to my back pain, although I’ve had the pain for so long it’s affecting my exercise and slowing me down.

After the hospital, I then plan to go swimming and then I have to try to write a blog post and pack before having an early night to travel to my sister’s in Exeter early Thursday morning.

I plan to come back to Cornwall next Monday evening, and I will be filming, blogging, going to the gym and swimming until the following Sunday and then travelling back to Exeter with my mum because we surprise the kids with a Christmas train trip.

We booked the trip a few months ago as we usually book the Santa Buckfastleigh trip but decided to try something different this year. The kids wanted to go on the Polar Express, however, unfortunately, the organisers lost the rights to use the name, and they have now called the trip “The train to Christmas town.”

I have to return to Cornwall with mum on Tuesday the 19th so that she can go to work on Wednesday. I will then return again to Exeter on the Saturday before Christmas. Mum and Dad will join me at my sister’s in Exeter on Christmas Day and will travel back boxing day, and I will be going to London on The 28th and 29th and returning for the New Year. 

I’m not sure I will be able to keep up with vlogmas and blogmas and my strict fitness regime, and I’m feeling disappointed as I hate failing things. I’ve been thinking about my future and doing my masters in mobile app development online. However, I’ve taken advice from my mum and I’ve agreed to put it on hold for now but I’m disappointed because I thought I’d be in a more stable place in my life to finally take up the offer as I’m turning 35 next month.  I have decided to concentrate on both Digital Classic and the Looneychickblog for now.

The Looneychick blog has been voted 4th in the top 10 Vuelio mental health blogs; I hope to get the first spot next year. So my blog needs to improve. I want to go back to two blog posts a week next year on both blogs as well as pass the Google Developer mobile app development course.

I started the course and ended up having problems with downloading GitHub. I haven’t decided on what software to use when editing videos because for some reason iMovies won’t update on my Mac. I’m going to try PowerPoint and Arc.

I have purchased a new camera because I needed a camera with a screen to vlog with and my iPhone only has an 8 GB memory. Fingers crossed I can get time to look at it let alone video and edit!

Let me know if you are or have failed with blogmas and vlogmas?

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