I’m talking about suicide and mental health but no one is listening!


Can you hear me? I’m screaming, yelling, pleading and I’m talking about suicide and mental health but no one listening.

 Although I live in what many people would say is the best part of the country known for its idyllic beaches, countryside, and walks, Cornwall is said to be one of the worst places in the country, the third highest in the UK for suicides.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that close to 800 000 people kill themselves every year. Which means that someone kills themselves every 40 seconds and it’s only going to get worse unless something drastic is done?  It’s predicted that by 2020, death by suicide will increase to one person every 20 seconds, that’s just three years away.

Probably, because there are lots of beautiful cliff tops to jump off or maybe because Cornwall isn’t the place to live if you are looking for a career, almost all of the jobs are in retail and Hospitality. Cornwall still lags well behind other places regarding employment and shops.

I went to another mental health assessment at Bolitho House in Penzance, just months after being released by the same so called health professionals who failed to diagnose me. That was back in May, and since then, despite telling both my father and I was told that we would hear from them within one week, I still haven’t heard anything from them!

It’s no wonder there are so many suicides in this part of the country. 

It’s all very well for celebrities, Royalty, and charities to rant off about mental health and telling people to talk but I’m talking, I’ve been talking for so long that no one is listening. I’m just a small fish in a big nasty, two-faced and uncaring world that I desperately want to change.

We need more therapy treatments and better health professionals who can I bet no one thought that they could try to cure cancer 30 years ago? Guess what, we are a lot closer to this goal due to the research and people who spent millions of pounds and hours. So, why can’t the same be done with mental health?

As for Stigma, this hasn’t gone away? Have you ever been laughed at for making yourself sick or had people egging you on to take your life or better still had so-called friends accusing you of things you haven’t done and calling the police with their lies just to get rid of you because they think you are a freak with issues? 

I can recommend several things to try and make you better such as books, videos, quotes, photos, or treating yourself to something nice, but this won’t cure mental health. Talking therapies and printing off sheets of paper for you to read or CBT doesn’t necessarily work either.

I’m not saying that the current treatments don’t work, but with the number of individuals who suffer from mental health issues on the rise and suicide statistics on the increase every year, I think it’s fair to say that we need better therapies than those currently on offer.

One of the facilitators in the Bipolar group that I attend once told me that “The doctors won’t know what’s really wrong until you die or if they examine the brain.” However, with NHS cutbacks I can’t see them sending mental health patients for brain scans in the near future. Maybe this would be a start? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or join in the discussions on our social media pages.

For confidential support visit the helpline page.

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