A Penzance man is trying to help people who suffer from depression and anxiety


Andrew Philips took up trail running to help with his depression and anxiety and is also offering coaching and counselling to others with mental health issues.

The builder took up coaching when a friend of his experienced mental health problems and he suggested a coached run to help break the depression and anxiety barriers.

When his friend started to make excellent progress, Andrew decided to use his expertise to help coach others. 

The 33-year old runner suffers from anxiety and panic attacks until four years ago when he was introduced to three principles by Cognitive therapist Russell Davies who, Andrew says is an amazing three principals facilitator.

Andrew told heart.co.uk “There is no technique or mind training involved, or finding people’s triggers and trawling through your past. 

“We just help to give people the understanding of how their mind works, and that everything you need is right there with-in yourself. 

“We enable you to just live your life.” 

A mother, Sarah Newing came to Andrew suffering from anxiety, depression and panic attacks. 

Sarah said: “Meeting Andrew has helped me beyond words.”With his support and guidance, he’s shown me how to deal with my anxiety head and not let it control my life. “It’s been very life changing for me.”

 He offers one to one coaching, group coaching sessions and running retreats and you don’t have to worry about this just being for super fit people because Andrew teaches people of all fitness levels. There are different prices for different runs ranging from £80 for a 13 mile coached run around a Cornish coastline of your choice to £250 for a three night Cornish running retreat with a Friday to Monday stay which includes accommodation, breakfast and activities.

Running along the cornish coastline

Besides running, Andrew also offers surf lessons, Yoga, meditation and beach barbeques.  

If you are interested in getting fit or trying out something to help overcome depression and anxiety why not visit www.ultramindcoaching.co.uk and give it a try!

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