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It’s been two weeks when I last visited the Penwith Mental Health Team at Bolitho in Penzance, Cornwall and despite them telling my father and I that we would hear from them within a week, yet again this hasn’t materialised.

The problem with Mental Treatments on the NHS are due to lack of funding as we all know. However, but this doesn’t help and if anything it delays my recovery. If you aren’t suicidal or depressed people often assume that you are ok and not a risk to yourself or others but in my case, this isn’t always true.

Do you think that being lied to by the NHS over how they plan to treat your mental health makes people feel better? We arrived at the session armed with questions, but there was no point in asking them because the two ladies I saw included an independent assessor along with a work experience college student who sat through the entire session on silence and when the assessor asking her if she had any questions she said she didn’t. She never even bothered to question things? If this student then goes on to become a mental health nurse. What does this tell you about the future of the mental health team under the NHS? Why so many layers of so-called professionals who tell you different stories to what happens in reality?

On my very first assessment I went to see a mental health nurse who then told me that she would be my CPN and after refusing me therapy for almost a year, finally told me she would also reluctantly become my counsellor who gave me some CAT sessions before cutting the therapy short, going off sick and then letting me go from the mental health team.

I suffer from frustration and irritability which leads me to do the unexpected or unthinkable that people who I associate with would never do. Don’t ever dare me to do something such as dance on a bar or climb a scaffolding because you know what happens next? I will stand up for something I disagree with and rant and rave until I get what I want and if I don’t, there’s literally hell to pay!

Luckily these past two weeks have been so busy; I’ve barely had time to rant about the poor or lack of service from the Penwith Mental Health team that I’m currently receiving from the NHS. I’m seriously considering getting out a private health insurance.

Last Tuesday, I went to my half hour HIIT Class and a swim before I met my sister in Truro for some dinner, and to watch The Addams Family at the Hall for Cornwall. Even with a line-up which includes the fantastic ex-Eastenders actress Sam Womack, Coronation Street star Les Dennis and Tom Fletcher’s talented sister Carrie Hope Fletcher, I was very impressed with the acting and the singing, and I thought the show was better than I expected. I don’t usually watch shows, as I prefer going to concerts and watching bands, but this performance was so impressive I want to see another show. I’m thinking of treating my mum to a West End show as we never got a chance to see a show on Broadway when we were in New York due to strikes, and we never went to see a show when we took Dad out to New York because they aren’t his thing.

On Wednesday I was busy catching up with work and packing. Unfortunately, I missed this month’s Bipolar group, but it’s in my diary for next month. The only problem is travelling to Penzance for 2 pm in the summer can be a nightmare with lots of holiday makers, especially if the weather is bad. I don’t tend to venture out too far in the car during the summer months because Cornwall’s roads are the worst for getting around with the regular daily traffic let alone when they have to deal with the summer traffic on top of that. Cornwall Council is also the worst for digging up roads during the summer months or for not finishing roadworks in time for the summer.

 On Thursday, I left my house at 6 am to drive up to Exeter for the weekend to look after my niece and nephew because my brother-in-law was playing at a gig in Guernsey and my sister was watching him.

On Friday, I had my nephew and took him to pick up my niece from school. Mum and Dad arrived in Exeter just as we were coming home from the school run, so, me and my nephew went to the chip shop for tea. We started watching Snoopy until it got a bit late and we sent the kids to bed and promised them they could watch the movie on Saturday.

Donkey in the field

Dad left to go and see my Grandparents in Aldershot before we were awake. Mum drove the kids and I down to Lidl for a few bits and bobs, and then we went to the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon. On the way back I stopped in Waitrose and treated us to Strawberries, Meringues and Ice cream. We then went back to my sister’s for pudding, and we finished watching the movie.

On Sunday, we decided to have a chill out day, and mum cleaned my sister’s house. My sister and brother-in-law arrived back in the early evening. On Monday, We got the kids ready for school, and my brother-in-law drove them in. My mum, sister and I went into town for a bit, and we got some petrol before going home for some lunch. It was then time to pick the kids up from school, and we left in the evening to drive back to Cornwall.

On Tuesday, I got up and walked to the gym at 7.40am. I did a tough HIIT workout session which included push-ups, planks, jumping, running, boxing, lifting and twisting. After that, I went for a swim, then into the steam room because I’ve heard its good for the skin and I chilled in the Jacuzzi before getting showed and changed and walking home. I attempted to do some work int eh afternoon, but because I was feeling dizzy, so mum told me to come up the chemist and shops with her to get some fresh air.

Today and Yesterday I have had terrible sciatica and a bad headache which has prevented me from working as fast as I would have liked, but I’m getting there. I hope to catch up tomorrow as mum’s on holiday next week and we are spending the weekend with my sister and the kids again.

I’m hoping that the Penwith Mental Health team will contact me sometime soon so I can finally get a diagnosis, the correct medication and maybe some relevant therapy that I will find useful.

How long have you or your loved ones had to wait to hear from the Penwith Mental Health team after being assessed? Comment below, email or join in the discussions on ou social media pages.

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