My fight for the correct mental health diagnosis and treatments

I have an appointment with the CMHT after fighting for the correct mental health diagnosis and treatments.

At the end of last year, the community mental health team decided to release me without a correct mental health diagnosis and treatments. My GP then told me that I had a diagnosis of Adjustment Disorder which is a stress-related illness that should last no longer than six months. I had 11 sessions of CAT Therapy where I had to draw a map associated with my highs and lows, and after a few sessions, I completed the map, and my therapist (also the mental health nurse) told me that I was making progress and should be released soon.

I attended my local surgery and was again put through to Outlook Southwest ( who deal with milder depression and anxiety). After a phone interview with them last December, I never heard anything from them until May, when I received a letter through the post, telling me that I was being taken off their list because they had attempted to get hold of me by telephone and had not been able to get through. However, I checked all phone and answer machines, and they hadn’t attempted to ring me, and if they did, why didn’t they leave a message or ask my GP to contact them.

I went to see my GP a few weeks ago, and she spoke to Outlook Southwest over the phone. They told her that I don’t fit into their category and that they don’t get paid enough to deal with someone with my problems and they also said that I couldn’t go back on the mental health team because I had previously been on the team. Despite the mental health nurse telling me that if I ever got bad again that I could always go back on the team.

Last time I was on the team I was depressed and suicidal, however, this time is different; I don’t feel depressed or suicidal. In fact, I want to fly, and I have continuous racing thoughts and irritation running through my head. I live every day like it’s my last and I’m spending money faster than speaking the words. If I touch alcohol I can’t just have one drink; I always have this urge for more. It’s like I’m chasing the dragon and waiting to play with the fire from the dragon’s mouth.

I’m not seeing my actions, but it’s my parents that feel I’ve not yet recovered.

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