Exercise helps to stabilise my moods

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I’m an undiagnosed 30 something-year-old suffering from an undiagnosed mood disorder and I think I might have finally found a release to help stabilise my moods.

I’ve found a leisure centre just a 10-minute walk from my home, and the best news is that it’s not too busy and full of familiar faces as most of the people I know go to the mainstream leisure centres. I have joined a quiet leisure centre in the village I live in, and I have joined (High-Intensity Interval) HIIT classes which are on twice a week, and I try to fit in a swim after each session.

The classes are a little more expensive than the main leisure centres. However, they are much quieter, and I’m very weight conscious at the moment. It’s been almost three years since I have done any high-intensity exercise and that was Shaun Ts Insanity Workouts. Maybe I will try Shaun Ts Max 30 Interval, classes.

I’m finding half hour sessions a little bit difficult. However, I’m determined to get fitter and loose weight and its still early days. My back injury has stopped me from doing the things that I love, but this isn’t going to stop me anymore.

I even went for a little run with my sister last week and was a little bit annoyed and disappointed at how unfit I was in comparison to a few years ago when I could run up and down Carbis Bay beach hills with little effort.

I was also a little happy because I never thought I would go to an exercise class or ever run again after being out of the game due to back treatments which were unsuccessful. I have felt a few minor twitches in my back and the occasional hot and cold sweats, but if the pain gets bad, my doctor has told me to take medication. I’m tempted to try acupuncture because physio didn’t work and the spinal block never made any difference to the pain.

A year ago I wouldn’t have left the house by myself, let alone attend exercise classes.

If I’m feeling a little bit stiff after class, I like to do a few laps in the pool and then sit in the Jacuzzi for 10 minutes. I find that I ache less if I do this, however, sometimes I’m so busy I can only fit in my exercise class.

How exercise helps to stabilise my moods

Exercise helps me stabilise my moods because yes I’m a little bit high but not so high that I end up feeling frustrated, full of random racing thoughts and unrealistic ideas or getting into trouble and spending money. 

I do spend money to go to my classes, but its money well spend and I get to channel all my thoughts and energy into my exercise and I’ve even been sleeping better since taking part in classes and swimming. 

I’m also going to start running again now that its summer and the nights are lighter for longer. I’m not sure how much weight if any that I’ve lost because I hate scales and weighing myself. The dreaded weigh in is another phobia that I have to try and overcome. Maybe one day.

Let me know if you find exercise helps to stabilise your moods or maybe something completely different? Comment below and feel free to join in the discussions on our social media pages.

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