My so called friends got me a criminal record for having a mental breakdown


In February 2015, I was so bad I needed support so when I reached out my so called friends decided to gift me with a criminal record for having a mental breakdown.

I’m not going to make out that I was an angel because I wasn’t but all I honestly wanted to do was get a good job and work hard to get my friends back. What I didn’t realise was how much they hated me and how little they cared. They might as well have thrown me into the cell themselves and thrown away the key.

It was February 2015, when I received an email from a lady I used to work with and had disowned me in 2014 because I had mental health issues. She accused me of calling her work and hanging up on her. Yes, I rang her work but she owed me money and had my iPod charger I rang her to try and make friends and then to regain my stuff when I realised she was so full of hate, there was no going back.

Sadly, she kept sending angry messages and then asked for my address to sent me the money and charger. She then thanked me for my address and said that she had called the police and I was their problem if anything happens to me.

The next morning I became panicky and couldn’t remember much apart from the usual paranoia of someone being after me. Apparently, I later found out that I rang 1o1 pretending to be the lady who I used to be friends with and cancelling a complaint made about myself. 

Two days later around 8.30pm I had just finished writing some articles for a client and sat down on my bed in my onesie and watched Birds of a Feather. I heard a knock at the door and my mum came up the stairs to go to the toilet and she told me the police were downstairs and wanted to talk to me.

Straight away I knew it had something to do with my argument from an ex-friend. I came downstairs and the male Investigating officer made some sarcastic remark about my onesie and slippers and then asked me if I knew a lady I used to work with as they had made a complaint against me and were going to arrest me. 

I don’t remember much else apart from what my dad witnessed. I was eventually charged with Perverting the course of Justice and Battery, but the harassment and stalking charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence. 

I also eventually got my charger and money back in April 2016, more than a year after I was arrested. 

The ultimate betrayal

Both ladies I was friends with not only called the police on me for something I never did, they also had the nerve to write statements out and have not apologised or attempted to after potentially ruining my future. I might not be able to visit certain countries again and as for jobs. Who would want to employ a criminal with mental health issues? I was brought up never to grass on anyone! Especially people who are supposed to be your best friends!

Another coincidence is that one of the ladies who turned on me has a husband who is a police officer. Just goes to show how corrupt the police are. 

It’s sad how people can turn against you when you are having a mental breakdown. 

Have you ever had someone turn against you while having a mental breakdown? Share your experiences in the comments below or on our social media channels. 

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