Being offered a place on the MA Creative App Development

I’m completely shocked and excited to be offered a place on the MA Creative App Development course, especially after the year I’ve had.

Mobile app development

I remember when I was offered a place on the BA Hons Journalism and everyone was surprised. I applied late to uni and never believed I would get on the course.

One of the things that I’m stressed about is the high cost of the tuition fees, which luckily for me extremely low while I studied at University last time, so I worked almost full time to pay them off as well as attending University full time.

I was offered a  £1000 scholarship towards the course as well as getting help with tutoring and equipment. However, I still have to find £8000.

DSA sign

I had to attended a DSA needs Assessment (Disabled Student Allowance) at the University of Falmouth after filling in a form asking about disabilities. The assessment took almost two hours, and I had to answer lots of questions about how my mental health affects my studies, and I tried out some software which is designed to help me take in more information.

It was also recommended in the report that I had a mentor. Having a mentor would have been another new experience for me as I was never offered any help at school or college despite being a mischievous brat at times. In secondary school, I was put in the special needs group.

However, that was until teachers thought I was bright but couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t do my work. Instead, I got a hat trick of detentions, for my troubles, but no help was offered.

That was until I found out that I needed higher grades to get into the course I wanted to do at college. I went round asking all the teachers for help, but by then it was too late. I never achieved them grades and found myself facing an extra year at college.

I originally wanted to take the Diploma in Music.In the end I took up Intermediate Media studies and then I took Advanced Media Studies and enjoyed it. For me, University was probably a dream or somewhere I never had the confidence to believe that I would ever do a degree as the only person with a degree in my family was my cousin.

I started my degree in BA Hons at Falmouth University in October 2002. The first year went extremely well as I was getting 1sts and 2:1’s. The second year I turned 21 and from then onwards everything kind of went so fast, I spiralled out of control and worked a lot of nights and weekends at the local supermarket to pay my fees. I also never took out a loan, so it was up to me to pay my fees as well as pay my petrol to travel to uni.

It was a total shock when I was told by email that I had failed the second year and that I would have to retake it. Not only was there a new group of people to get used to but I then had to find the money to fund that extra year. Which meant that I still couldn’t give up my safety net (supermarket)  job, which I hated because almost everyone who worked there was now bullying me.

Since graduating 10-years ago I have struggled to find and maintain work on a regular basis, and I’m hoping to carry on freelancing and blogging because I’m enjoying it. My only wish is that I started blogging years ago. I do worry that I won’t earn much from being a freelancer and that my blogs won’t take off or be interesting enough for people to read, but I can only try my best and keep blogging away.


I have also been taking some courses with Future Learn and the Shaw Academy online educators. Courses that I have completed and I’m doing are social media, blogging, Coding, photography, digital marketing, mobile apps and guitar.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to turn down this offer and postpone the course until November 2017 because I still don’t feel focused enough to be able to successfully take the MA Creative App Development course. I would rather defer for a while than fail my first year as I think this would cause me more stress and pain. I also need to save some money to pay the fees and I don’t want to take up a loan.




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