Christmas food and drink goodies from Marks & Spencer

One of the best things about this time of year is shopping for Christmas food and drink goodies in Marks & Spencer.

Every Christmas mum would buy a box of Belgium biscuits, so last year we went into the Marks & Spencer food hall to buy some of our Christmas shopping.

Tomorrow morning I’m getting up nice and early, before sunrise. The reason for this is that I’m taking my mum to Mark’s & Spencer and I want to be in the store early before the rush for our Christmas food and drink goodies.

We have left it quite late this year due to mum’s doctor appointments and unexpected admission to hospital. Tomorrow’s also the last day that I’m planning to work this year, apart from taking part in Blogmas on my two blogs until Christmas Eve. From Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day don’t be surprised if this blog remains untouched. I need to recharge those batteries and work out how I want to attack the New Year both workwise and personally.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to nail most of the Christmas food and drink goodies and finish up my work, get to the Post Office, and send off my post before the Christmas postal strike kicks in next week.

I’m hoping to go to my sister’s on Friday morning, and there is a lot to do. I’m coming home Monday afternoon, and then I have the hairdressers at 12 pm on Monday, and I need to pop into Coop and spend my vouchers.

I will be home for a few days, before going back up to my sister’s for Christmas. I haven’t even got any presents yet.

I thought I’d be organised and make a Christmas food, and drink goodies list:

Marks & Spencer biscuits

I like the premium Belgium biscuits, but last year we decided to try a box of chocolate biscuits after trying the samples and a box of shortbread. Once a year we buy shortbread biscuits and that’s usually as a Christmas treat. We no longer eat biscuits in our household, although we are partial to a small piece of cake or two. My mums current favourite daily sin is carrot cake.  

Bucks Fizz

Bucks Fizz  from Marks & Spencer for £15 for a case of 6

I love drinking Bucks Fizz at Christmas. We usually drink this around 11 am on Christmas day because it’s not very strong. Bucks Fizz is also a favourite drink of my mums because it’s low in alcohol and nice and refreshing. I will probably be drinking this on my own this Christmas; however, it doesn’t matter for £15 a case you really can’t go wrong. There are also other Bucks Fizz flavours which we tried last year like Cranberry and Orange and the Clementine which they have sold out of.  

Walnut Whips

Walnut Whips

Walnut Whips have been a Christmas Eve tradition since my sister, and I were kids. Now my niece and nephew also enjoy their Christmas Eve walnut whips followed by a movie. If I forget to buy these, my sister won’t be happy. I’m sure they are now smaller than they once were and some of them don’t have a walnut on the top. I think the ones from Marks do.

Christmas Cake

Christmas cake

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Christmas cake. I mean a rich fruit cake covered with marzipan and white icing. Last year we brought ours from Marks & Spencer, and it was nice, well the little bit of fruit cake I managed to eat. My Dad has a habit of cutting the marzipan and icing off the cake and stealing the cake! It really annoys me because I am left with marzipan and Icing only! Mum isn’t too bothered about cake, and she doesn’t like marzipan either. I’m the only one who does. Dad keeps on insisting that we have a fruit cake without marzipan or icing. However, that would not be my idea of a Christmas cake!

Have you finished buying your Christmas food and drink goodies? Maybe you haven’t started like me. Comment below or tweet me some pictures @AdminChick.

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