My favourite Christmas nightwear

Christmas Nightwear Girls in onesies

One of the best things about cold dark nights is the fact that you can wear warm and cosy Christmas nightwear.

Here are my favourite Christmas nightwear items:

Reindeer Onesie

My mum brought my sister and me onesies from Debenhams for Christmas a few years ago. I love snuggling up in this onesie as it’s nice and warm. However, it can be a little bit too hot, as down here in Cornwall we have wetter and milder temperatures than the rest of the country. Every time I want to lounge around in my nightwear, I also keep getting told to get dressed!!

Minnie Mouse onesie

I remember seeing Minnie Mouse Onesies in Sainsbury’s a few years ago. When I went to another Sainsbury’s in Exeter to ask mum to buy one for me for Christmas they had sold out! I was so upset that I actually threw a strop for days. My mum then came back from Sainsbury’s in Penzance with a onesie. This onesie is lighter than my reindeer one, but it’s still soft and cosy and not too hot when wearing it to bed. I recommend wearing a vest underneath it because it can feel cold if you get up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and it would have been better if it had pop up buttons or a zip instead of buttons. The buttons take a while to undo and do up when it’s dark.

Reindeer Christmas fleece

I asked my mum to buy a reindeer fleece last winter, after seeing it in Tesco. My mum gets a discount in Tesco and vouchers for shopping, so she brought me this for Christmas. I usually wear it instead of a dressing gown or it can be worn as a fleece. I took the kids to the park in this a few months ago, and I have to admit I got a few funny looks, however, at least it kept me warm.

Bunny Christmas fleece

My mum came home from work after purchasing a white and cream nightwear fleece with bunny ears for my sister. She asked me to try it on for size because it was size 12-14 she didn’t know if it would be too big for my sister because my sister is 5ft and takes a size 8-10. It was a bit baggy on my sister. However, my sister loved it so much that she insisted on keeping it. I love Christmas nightwear especially soft and warm fleeces and I can also wear this in the house because I work from home.

My Mum was buying them as Christmas presents, but she let my sister wear hers now and went back to the shop to buy me one as well. There’s nothing more pleasant than having a hot chocolate and a mince pie and watching a movie in our bunny jumpers. I am looking forward to doing this when I visit her this weekend.

Do you own a onesie? what is your favourite nightwear? Maybe you live in them and have several? How often do you wear them? Comment below or send some pictures to @AdminChick.

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