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Motivational Tattoos

Reviewing Motivational Tattoos

I’ve been looking forward to reviewing these lovely motivational tattoos, and I choose these ones because I love the light pastel colours that go with my spring and summer clothing. 

The aim of these tattoos is to place them on your arm or on the back of your hand where you can see them and look at them when you are having a bad day, and they should help to cheer you up. 

These motivational tattoos are also great motivational messages for teenagers who are about to take their GCSEs or A Levels or for young adults who are about to graduate. 

In times when you or your loved ones are feeling depressed, these are fantastic for helping to cheer them up with a positive message that everyone can relate to such as “Treat yourself”,”Believe in yourself or “Positive attitude”. 

The temporary bandage tattoos includes positive quotes are waterproof and last up to 5 days

They are printed with new technology from Inkwell, which makes them more detailed, realistic, and colourful than any other temporary tattoos on out there. They last up to 5 days and are easily removed with baby oil.

These tattoos can easily be removed with baby oil.If you would like to get your hands on some motivational temporary tattoos, you can buy these temporary tattoos from £4.50 for a pack of 15, and if these aren’t your cup of tea, then you can also purchase badges and other motivational gifts on the Motivational Bandage website. 

In each box you will get 15 tattoos:
Love Yourself (hearts) x 3
Treat Yourself (strawberries) x 3
You Are Cute (bows) x 3
Believe in Yourself (clouds) x 3
You Are Worth it (stars) x 3


These Motivational Tattoos look great, include great messages and as a mental health sufferer, I would purchase them for myself or for a loved one. 

I’ve been nominated for an award

I’ve been nominated for an award

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