What courts and Solicitors fail to mention about Probation

On Probation signI thought that on February this year, that my nightmare on probation would end.

I was told by my solicitor to complete 15 Rehabilitation sesssions within the first year of a two-year suspended sentence. I was recently told by probation to complete two more sessions due to late cancellations from probabtion.

This was sorted out, when probabtion agreed to also put my sessions with charity, Pentreath towards my Rehabilitation sessions. I was then told first by letter and today by telephone that I had to wait another agonising 12 months until my probation order was complete.

I asked my probation officer, why this was and that the judge and probation at the court never explained this and she agreed that people aren’t told this at court and that there isn’t anything she can do about the rules.

She told me that over the past 12-18 months, probation contact offenders who have received community and suspended sentence orders are subject to telephone calls, which are usually once a month.

Instead of going to see probation they are now keeping in touch with me via telephone contact. This is good that I don’t have to keep going to see them, but I feel that I am unable to forget this incident and move in completely with this amongst other issues still lingering.

For me, even when the clocks strikes midnight in January 2018, I will still be a marked crimminal. That’s not included the time it takes to be spent and the 5 -year restraining order against me for something that I wasn’t charged for or guilty of.

Why don’t probation, the soilicitor and the judge mention this before leaving the court. For someone who isn’t used to all this legal jargon there is little help or support available and when you try and seek help from the mental health team they think that you are making up a mental illness because you are in trouble and thats what many people are doing.

I feel like I have been set up with this, because they gave it to the Police because that’s what the Police had asked for. But, I don’t want anything to do with someone who lies to get me into trouble. I’m better off without people who tell lies, grasses you up and calls you a freak for having mental health issues. That’s something I can never forgive or forget and much worse than anything I have ever done to anyone.

When the friend of the person who accused me of Harassing them has a husband who is a police officer you can also see where I’m coming from? That friend took her side and also has nothing to do with me either! But again, why would I want to be friends with people who can’t stand by me?

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Having a happy and healthy 2017

I need to get my happy and healthy 2017 back on track!

We are thirteen days into the New Year, and I’m already started to feel a bit depressed because everything is moving too slowly.

I wanted to get back at the Police for my injury, solicitors are also corrupt they won’t take the case!

I want work; I hear nothing!

I need 10,000 blog followers per month; I’m lucky if I get 100 per month

I require more twitter followers!

I want to forget about probation and have nothing to do with this ever AGAIN!

I reach out for help to professional bloggers; they don’t reply!

None of this is coming and why? I can’t even answer my own questions!

I’ve hardly stepped out of the office let alone the house since December 27th. When I have it’s to the shops for food or the chemist for more pills.

Here are some things that can help to take your mind off things and help you get back on track to a happy and healthy 2017:

Play an instrument

I play the guitar, so I’m going to continue to play new songs. I have six guitars and two pedals, so I hope to improve my guitar playing, purchase the pedals I want to buy, record some songs that I have written and plan to purchase a microphone stand and the Rode NT1 microphone. I will also be attending the Shaw Academy Ultimate guitar course and will take the exams. I need to also brush up on my music theory as well as practice.

Getting fit again

Nintendo Wii

Since my back injury, thanks to a (former jealous friend and a corrupt police office)in 2015, I’m hoping to leap back into shape. I have purchased Pilate’s DVD’S to help me get back into shape, and I have also bought a scooter so I can improve my balance.

I need exercise back in my l

ife if I’m to enjoy and happy and healthy 2017. I’m really unhappy with my weight gain since my back injury and not doing so much exercise. Now I have found out that my bulging disc doesn’t need operating on, I’m going to build up my back strength and work through the pain.

Towards the end of 2016, I started using my Nintendo Wii again, however, since I bought a double bed, there isn’t a lot of room in my bedroom for exercise and with mum currently off sick, both her and dad are always in the lounge.

When the weather improves, I will be scooter around and will take pictures on walks. Cornwall is a lovely place to go on coastal or country walks and take some pictures of scenery for my blog posts. I plan to Vlog about my journeys as well. Originally I planned to start a Vlog in the New Year, however, because I currently haven’t had the best start to 2017, I have decided that I will go with the flow and start vlogging when I feel ready.


I haven’t ridden my bike since October 2010. I want to clean up my bike and start riding again. I lost lots of weight when I started mountain biking seven years ago. I stopped when I got the push from the job I was in. I used to ride to work and back, even on wet days. The reason I got the push was because I was accused of threatening my boss, then they just said that I never liked the job I was in and that I never got on with the boss and they had made up their mind and would pay me until the end of the month.

Read more

In 2016, I started reading books again. I started by reading autobiographies by Eric Clapton and Johnny Cash. I then purchased a few SEO books on Amazon, and I’ve got my eye on buying a few more books. I have read the Million Dollar Blog, and I’m currently reading Brian Wilson’s autobiography that my mum got me for Christmas. I’m hoping that reading books will help me improve my writing and grammar skills.

Meditate daily


Many therapists and people from my Bipolar group have recommended meditation. I’m keen to try it. I have tried some mobile apps, but unfortunately, like everything they come at a cost. I’m going to have a look around on YouTube and see if there are any meditation videos I can do maybe once or twice daily to help relax me.

Let me know what you are doing towards a having a happy and healthy 2017? Are you taking up a new hobby?Are you Planning a new challenge? Or going to a place you have never been to before? Comment below and join in the discussion on @AdminChick .

Why I’m questioning Teresa May’s Mental Health policies

As someone who suffers from mental health problems, you would think I would be delighted to hear the government bring out new mental health policies.

Teresa May might have only been promoted to Prime Minister last summer. However, she has been in government for over ten years which leads to the question of why has she suddenly decided to do something about mental health?

Is she looking for more popularity votes or does she really want to help? The other question is how she can help when the NHS have no more money and are stretched for staff as it is?

Yesterday, Teresa May announced a few new policies aiming to help people who experience mental health issues. However, she forgot to mention the cuts to disability benefits that the Tories brought in and she also dodged the question on whether she would protect extra money put aside for children’s  mental health.

The Prime Minister’s plans thrown into the Mental Health agenda; included a green paper on Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services; Mental health first aid train for schools; the reconfirming of a programme to help young people support their peers; an extension to digital mental services (mostly already pre-funded). In addition to this, work on employment and mental health; with an extra £15m thrown into the pot to extend the provision of alternative places of safety and a restatement of the commitment to suicide reduction.

It’s been almost a decade since the coalition government started national campaigns like Time to Change and whilst this initiative has recognised mental health as a serious issue, there is still a lot of work to do when it comes to people with mental health being misdiagnosed, not receiving the correct treatments and being discriminated against in the workplace and being seen as second class citizens.

The public may be fooled into believing that Teresa May is a caring prime minister and is concerned for people who suffer from mental health problems. Let’s not forget that it was her party along with successive governments  have made cuts to disability benefits, leading to the breakdown of local authority funding and the decline of NHS support for those suffering from long-term mental health needs.

Lots of people can talk the talk but this doesn’t help solve problem. Only time will tell if the governments mental health policies have been implemented and whether or not they will work. Hopefully time will tell if we will witness a change towards mental health and the stigma attached.

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The Magistrates Court

It was a warm Autumn morning, and I was summoned to the Magistrates Court, a half hour journey from my home.

I was amazed that the mental health team allowed for this nonsense to continue. However, they thought I was just another criminal trying to get out of trouble. 

I read on websites Rethink and Mind that people with a mental health illness should have support at court. This statement is complete rubbish not once did anyone come and see if I was ok. Good job, I had my parents for support!

I felt like a condemned demon, doomed for a life of misery. To be honest, you could have led me to the darkest, loneliest dungeon for beheading and I wouldn’t have felt a thing. I kept waiting for someone to tell me that this was just a nightmare and I would return to that Happy Ending.

It’s funny because one of  the last things an ex-school mate said to me was  “See you on crime watch.”  All I ever wanted to be was a successful person in a good job, with a good group of friends and family and maybe in a stable relationship and family of my own. Instead, I’m a 30 something-year-old who still lives at home drifting from temp job to being jobless, and I don’t have a big group of supportive friends and the only family I have live 100s of miles away.

When I walked into the Magistrates court, it was like being in an airport when you have to put your bags through a machine. You are scrambled in like a cattle market or a small airport. Everyone sat around in the waiting room which had a small cafe and some chairs in. Some people were laughing and joking like it was another morning out, as if they really were going on a holiday. In reality, the only holiday some people will be getting is prison.

There was doors leading to little rooms where the solicitors all hung out and spoke to their clients. When I saw my solicitor, he barely made eye contact, and I was waiting around 2 hours until I had to go into the dock. 

I was horrified to see that there was no mental health team there for support. There were people from the NHS with name tags on and they called quite a few people into the room, but they never called me in.

As I went into the dock, it was a real eye-opener for me, because I had to stand in a locked glass cabinet and had to answer to my name through the glass. I was caged like a prisoner, yet this should never happen to a rock star! 

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to enter any pleas as I would have yelled there and then, “This isn’t me or my life.”Unfortunately, a jealous ex-friend and a bunch of bent Police Officers decided to bring a sick person to court and my solicitors never offered any support.

It was all over in a matter of minutes because they sent it straight to Crown Court. Yes, that’s right the highest possible court for a nonscence crime! I did say “Can it get any worse! Bailed again, after previously being bailed for seven months already. There was worse to come. I ended up spending a year on bail and lined up in a court room with drug dealers!

All I know is I hated the experience in The Magistrates Court.The Magistrates Court had no support for the mentally ill! And I will do anything it takes to avoid this from being me again!

Have you or someone you care about ever had to attend a Magistrates court? Have you ever received support from a mental health team at a court? Comment below.



Have you ever been taunted for having a mental health illness?

Have you ever been taunted for having a mental health illness?

I was disgusted to hear that people find depression and bullying acceptable after a former Eastenders actor revealed in an interview that the public recently taunted his character for suffering from depression on social media.

Danny-Boy Hatchard who played Lee Carter in Eastenders said he was honored to have taken part in the storyline which sees his character pushed to the brink of suicide, being bullied at work, resorting to taking out loans before being arrested 0n Christmas Day for a raid on his families pub.

However, he said that he was also disappointed to hear that viewers were taunting his character on social media by tweeting comments such as “Lee is so miserable” and “Lee needs to do the unthinkable and own up.”  He said: “If Lee was a real person he would feel  even worse than his character.”

On New Year’s Eve Eastenders fans watched as he climbed on top of a roof and went to jump off before being talked out of it by a lady who was on duty.

I have personally been a victim of being snubbed and taunted for having a mental illness by several people who have pretended to be my friend and ditched me for being too miserable. People have even accused me of doing things I haven’t done and called the police on me because I have a mental health illness.

I knew someone at school who used to make herself sick, and I would hear them laughing and egging her on to make herself sick. It’s disgraceful how sick and twisted this world really is.

Some people joke about mental illness because they don’t know what to say or how to deal with someone with mental health or they sometimes think that tough love can help. However, mental health issues go a lot deeper than trying to get someone’s attention or trying to get out of trouble.

An article published last month in the Huffington Post says that “Suicide is the leading cause of death of men and women aged 20 to 34, overcoming heart disease, road accidents, and cancer.”

“Men find this particularly challenging, which is why the suicide statistics are increasing, especially for older men with families who feel the weight of financial responsibility and keeping stability.”

Have you ever been snubbed or taunted for having a mental illness? Comment below or tweet @AdminChick #Neverafraidtospeak. 

Hopes and Dreams in 2017

Happy New Year peeps! I’m going to discuss my hopes and dreams for the LooneyChick in 2017.

I don’t usually make New Year’ resolutions, well not realistic ones and I’m not entirely sure in the goals that I’ve set myself will be achievable. I can only hope and work hard and hope to see results.

Here are some of my hopes and dreams for 2017:

Be more organised with blog posts

I started a blog sheet in Excel. However, this got deleted when I had to wipe my laptop clean because a ransom virus appeared on the interface of my machine and I also stupidly forgot to back up some of my files. I’m going to start another content plan after writing this blog post and do some keyword research.I also have a habit of changing my blog post titles at the last minute and not sticking to a content calendar.


Blog more regularly

I plan to blog at least twice a week. I have been blogging once a week on my other blog and not so much on this blog. Once my keyword research is complete, I will have some ideas on what to write.


Plan social media posts

Social media planner

I really need a social media planner because at the moment I’m randomly posting to LinkedIn and Twitter on both blogs. Planning my social media will help me schedule to Tweetdeck which is free to use.

Introduce Instagram

Instagram logo

I’m decided to add Instagram to both of my blogs because everyone has been talking about this social media platform this year, and I would be mad to miss out on big opportunities and audiences for both blogs.
Backup all files including websites on external drive

I had a ransom virus on my machine a few weeks ago, and I had to purchase Windows 10 and wipe the computer clean. Unfortunately, I never backed up some of my work, which meant I lost certificates I downloaded as PDF’s from the courses I took with Shaw Academy and Learn 365. I’m buying an external drive to make sure this never happens again, and if anything happens to my machines at least, the work will be backed up.

Spend more time outdoors

I want to start walking the dog more, walking to the beach more especially during the summer months and this might help me lose weight and enjoy the scenery. I would love to get back on my bike if it’s not gone too rusty. I have been considering buying a scooter so I can go to the park with the kids and join the fun. Also, scooter’s are easier to transport as they are smaller and lighter than bikes.

I do love mountain biking and would really like to try this and go kayaking(something I have never done before).

Start a Vlog and upload to YouTube at least once a week

I plan to start a Vlog on January 1st (today) and upload this to YouTube at least once a week. I’m not quite sure whether I will Vlog about my websites or if I will make this Vlog more lifestyle based. What do you think? Let me know what you enjoy reading about? Mental Health, lifestyle or digital?

Attend social media, blogging and vlogging events

I haven’t attended any social events for a while, and this is something that I would love to get back into. I would love to meet people like myself who are interested in Digital Marketing. I have looked at events in Exeter that are quite popular, and I haven’t been to Brighton SEO for few years.There are lots of events and courses I can go on and increase my knowledge as well as meet new people. Attending social events in digital marketing will be on my list for 2017.

Complete and pass more Shaw Academy courses

Despite, doing 6 -8 courses in one go, I managed to complete and pass my advanced diploma in Digital Marketing, my foundation diploma’s in Photography, Blogging and Web Development. I also completed courses in Social Media, Foundation guitar, Mobile App Development and the Advanced Diploma in Web Development. I was offered a free course on Groupon last May and never thought anything of it until I received an email from online educators Shaw Academy. Once I completed the course, I took up their special offer of £29 per month, and I took up a lifetime membership for £395.

Finally, buy a Gibson Les Paul

I really need to practice more to justify buying my dream guitar for £1000.This has been something that I have wanted to buy since purchasing my Epiphone acoustic guitar in November 2014. I had hoped to buy a Gibson Les Paul in 2015, but due to circumstances that meant that my mental health and my finances took a turn for the worse, I delayed this. I then planned to purchase my dream guitar for Christmas 2016, another failed attempt which saw me buying a new MacBook Pro instead.

Start my MA in Creative App Development

I was supposed to by starting my Masters this month. I’m going to postpone it until I can hopefully make some money to pay the fees instead of launching myself into debt and getting stressed out. I also feel that I need to get my head in the right place because everything can appear mad and racing at times. It seems like the older I get and underachieve; I need to get somewhere before I get too old, never achieve anything and die an unemployed nobody. S

Spend more time with the family

My parents think I’m spending too much time on the computer studying and working and trying to build a solid freelance business. I would like to see my sister and the kids more often, especially now that the kids are getting bigger and soon they will have their own friends and won’t want to hang out with us anymore.

I would also like to see my grandparents and my aunts, which is also nice because I get to go to Hampshire and Berkshire and catch up. I have only been twice this year.

See Stef more often

Life is busy and sometimes it’s hard to make time to see friends. I could make more of an effort to see my friend Stef, who I’ve known since I was 17. She works in the bookies in town, which is a 2-mile walk or a 5-minute drive(depending on the time of year). I don’t go into town much, but I could try to go at least once a month just to say hello. Being a freelancer should mean that I have more time. I don’t feel I’ve benefitted from being a freelancer yet.

Tell us about your hopes and dreams for 2017? Comment below or tweet @AdminChick.

Starting the 2017 New Year on probation

We are about to start the 2017 New Year and I’m still stuck on probation for what has been one of the worst years of my life!

I have completed my order, however, because probation has decided that the appointments that they never showed up for and cancelled just 20 minutes before hand didn’t count. If I had never shown up and failed to tell them would this be ok? No, I very much doubt it!

I should never have been brought to court in the first place, let alone be charged! The whole saga is ridiculous and as far as I’m concerned this so-called criminal record doesn’t count because I was ill! People shouldn’t be criminalised for being sick.

I also have another year of my suspended sentence order to run, which also sucks. If anything, 12 months would have been more than enough!

As for the police officers who do not tell the whole truth and for those who injured my back and property in my home! They should be sacked, named and shamed and brought to justice for also contacting my business associates and losing me money and work.

Hillsborough Disaster

You only have to follow the Hillsborough case to know how corrupt Police Officers are!

It just goes to show that if you don’t have money, government-based institutions can get away with murder! Without money you are made to feel like a nobody, claiming employment support allowance because someone injured your back, criminalises you and worsens your mental health!

How can this be fair? When you attend so-called rehabilitation, you get messed about with people not showing up or cancelling last minute when you are already at the meeting place.

As I’m starting the 2017 New Year on probation with 2 appointments to go and I start my final year on a suspended sentence. I wish to see the corrupt officer from Devon and Cornwall Police get nailed for this injury and for me I want to start rebuilding my business and get fit again both mentally and physically.

Looks like I will have a fight on my hands. Have you ever heard of the saying what doesn’t break you, makes you stronger?

These are real life stories based on true experiences. Identities have been changed. 

Being offered a place on the MA Creative App Development

I’m completely shocked and excited to be offered a place on the MA Creative App Development course, especially after the year I’ve had.

Mobile app development

I remember when I was offered a place on the BA Hons Journalism and everyone was surprised. I applied late to uni and never believed I would get on the course.

One of the things that I’m stressed about is the high cost of the tuition fees, which luckily for me extremely low while I studied at University last time, so I worked almost full time to pay them off as well as attending University full time.

I was offered a  £1000 scholarship towards the course as well as getting help with tutoring and equipment. However, I still have to find £8000.

DSA sign

I had to attended a DSA needs Assessment (Disabled Student Allowance) at the University of Falmouth after filling in a form asking about disabilities. The assessment took almost two hours, and I had to answer lots of questions about how my mental health affects my studies, and I tried out some software which is designed to help me take in more information.

It was also recommended in the report that I had a mentor. Having a mentor would have been another new experience for me as I was never offered any help at school or college despite being a mischievous brat at times. In secondary school, I was put in the special needs group.

However, that was until teachers thought I was bright but couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t do my work. Instead, I got a hat trick of detentions, for my troubles, but no help was offered.

That was until I found out that I needed higher grades to get into the course I wanted to do at college. I went round asking all the teachers for help, but by then it was too late. I never achieved them grades and found myself facing an extra year at college.

I originally wanted to take the Diploma in Music.In the end I took up Intermediate Media studies and then I took Advanced Media Studies and enjoyed it. For me, University was probably a dream or somewhere I never had the confidence to believe that I would ever do a degree as the only person with a degree in my family was my cousin.

I started my degree in BA Hons at Falmouth University in October 2002. The first year went extremely well as I was getting 1sts and 2:1’s. The second year I turned 21 and from then onwards everything kind of went so fast, I spiralled out of control and worked a lot of nights and weekends at the local supermarket to pay my fees. I also never took out a loan, so it was up to me to pay my fees as well as pay my petrol to travel to uni.

It was a total shock when I was told by email that I had failed the second year and that I would have to retake it. Not only was there a new group of people to get used to but I then had to find the money to fund that extra year. Which meant that I still couldn’t give up my safety net (supermarket)  job, which I hated because almost everyone who worked there was now bullying me.

Since graduating 10-years ago I have struggled to find and maintain work on a regular basis, and I’m hoping to carry on freelancing and blogging because I’m enjoying it. My only wish is that I started blogging years ago. I do worry that I won’t earn much from being a freelancer and that my blogs won’t take off or be interesting enough for people to read, but I can only try my best and keep blogging away.


I have also been taking some courses with Future Learn and the Shaw Academy online educators. Courses that I have completed and I’m doing are social media, blogging, Coding, photography, digital marketing, mobile apps and guitar.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to turn down this offer and postpone the course until November 2017 because I still don’t feel focused enough to be able to successfully take the MA Creative App Development course. I would rather defer for a while than fail my first year as I think this would cause me more stress and pain. I also need to save some money to pay the fees and I don’t want to take up a loan.




Christmas Eve madness and feeding the homeless

Yesterday I wrote that I had finished the Christmas shopping and that Christmas Eve madness would be chilled!

I was wrong. Today I was woken up by the sound of my sister shouting that we have to go to Sainsbury’s because she has no vegetarian food to eat for Christmas dinner.

If you think this was the end of Christmas madness, you must be joking. When I stupidly suggested going to Waitrose, she rushed out of Sainsbury’s and off we went to Waitrose.

After 10 minutes of running around the shop and hesitating, she went for the mushroom filos. I was quite surprised that neither Sainsbury’s or Waitrose had a bigger vegetarian section.

We came back home for breakfast and to tidy up before my parents arrive tomorrow morning

After breakfast, we went to Co-Op because I had vouchers to spend which ran out on December 31st. I brought some beer, ale, rolls for lunch, some non-alcoholic ginger ale and some cookies.

We came back had our lunch, and the kids watched some films on Amazon Prime, and we met my brother-in-law at work on WH Smiths in the hospital.

We came back and waited for my brother-in-law to finish. He came back with around 50 sandwich’s which were going to be thrown out because they were going out of date tomorrow and the shop isn’t open tomorrow.

Trying to get hold of homeless shelter’s proved fruitless because they don’t open until 8pm. Off we went into town looking for hungry, homeless people.

I was surprised by the amount of homeless people who live in Exeter. It’s not something I think about, especially on Christmas Eve. Every single sandwich went, and the homeless were so pleased to be offered free food.

They weren’t greedy either, some of them only took a few sandwiches because they had already been given food and drink.

Guess what we are doing again this evening? More Christmas wrapping and Christmas music.

Have you had a day of Christmas Eve madness? Comment below or tweet @AdminChick.

I’ve finally finished Christmas shopping

Today, I’m feeling less stressed out because I’ve finished Christmas shopping for presents and food.

The only things I have left are to get some Ale and Beers from the Co-op with my vouchers and Blogmas which officially finishes tomorrow.

Today we were all up and in Exeter by 10 am, for the last few shopping gifts. The town was fairly busy as usual but not unbearable. I was on the hunt for something for my Dad as he has been really good to me this year.

I have had to deal with court appearances, doctor appointments, hospital appointments, probation appointments and to college with a careers advisor. My Dad has been giving me lifts and has travelled over 100 miles to get to the hospital for my back injury which the Police did.

I went into FatFace to look for a jumper to keep my Dad warm as he feels the cold and he has diabetes. FatFace doesn’t start their sales until Boxing Day, so I went into Superdry and couldn’t find anything that stood out.

My niece was with me, so we had a quick look in HMV, and after a brief chat with my Mum on the phone, I decided to buy him the last ever David Bowie album on vinyl, so Dad could enjoy playing his record player again. He recently fixed the needle on his old stereo, so bringing vinyl’s back was ideal for him.

We went for a look in Debenhams, and my niece found a jumper she liked which was reduced to nearly half the price. We spotted my sister in the shop with her friend, so we asked her to have a look and see what she thought. She liked it, so we bought it.

I was almost out of money and by this point I just wanted to finish my christmas shopping and take a break from the shops.  I went to the cash point for some money to pay my sister back for my mums present and on to Wilkinson’s where my sister told me there were lots of soft dog toys for Winston.

I don’t usually shop in Wilkinson’s, and now I know why. Half of their shelves were empty, and there weren’t many dog toys left so I got him and Bean some cheese and beef treats and some mint dog dental sticks. Finally, I can say that I have finished the Christmas shopping. I’m usually more organised than this, for some reason I hit a wall and put it off. 

Winston will have to wait until his birthday for a soft toy, in February. We came back from town and then went back to Lidl for Mum and Rachael’s Chocolate Christmas puddings and more Danish pastries, cinnamon buns and blueberry muffins for the kids.

I’ve just had a hot chocolate with cream on top. Yum! Yum! I’m just to finishing off blog posts on my other blog, and then I’m going to watch a film. Hopefully, I’m going to have an earlier night than last night.

Unfortunately, the time has gone so fast, and I have been so busy that I didn’t realise how difficult taking part in Blogmas for two blogs would be.

I will be pleased when tomorrow comes and I can relax. Hopefully, I will have completed Blogmas on both websites.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Comment below or tweet @AdminChick.